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Joe Biden an ‘Illegal Counterfeit’ Because God Anointed Donald Trump, Televangelist Claims

Joe Biden an ‘Illegal Counterfeit’ Because God Anointed Donald Trump, Televangelist Claims

President Joe Biden is a fraudulent imposter who usurped Donald Trump’s “anointed” place as the American commander in chief, right-wing televangelist grifter Lance Wallnau said Thursday on The Jim Bakker Show:

God isn’t finished with America, and God isn’t even finished with Donald Trump. I think people think, ‘He’s out of office, [we] have a new president,’ but what if God has an anointing on Donald Trump to be Cyrus, and there’s an illegal counterfeit in office? We’re gonna have to acknowledge the counterfeit cause that’s what we gotta do.

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Wallnau accused Democrats of forming a fake government, even though they irrefutably won the election. He also whined about how the United States consists of people other than white Christians:

This is gonna drive people crazy, but I’m gonna say that we’re almost in the time when Israel was divided between Rehoboam and Jeroboam, and Jeroboam went to the north, and he created his own counterfeit religion to mirror the real thing. This is what the Democrats are doing. It’s the woke politics of intersectionality and race and transgenderism.

God wants Trump to tear sh*t up:

Meanwhile, the kingdom is divided because the real anointing is still on Donald Trump, and God, as far as I’m concerned, hasn’t released him from being a wrecking ball.

God also loves Trump’s approach to foreign policy:

So if you remove him by illegal means, you can have the position, but you don’t have an anointing for that. That’s why America is vulnerable right now. By the way, Muslim terrorism and the emergence again of North Korea and Iran is going to trouble this administration because they don’t have an anointing to restrain it. Trump had it.

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Yeah, and he failed. Recall that Trump threatened to destroy both North Korea and Iran with nuclear weapons.

Viewers were encouraged to send Wallnau $185 because God and his salespersons are always broke.

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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