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Joe Biden Absolutely Levels GOP Wickedness And ‘Brute Partisanship’ On Kavanaugh

Joe Biden Absolutely Levels GOP Wickedness And ‘Brute Partisanship’ On Kavanaugh

If the Democrats want to regain power, they’re going to have to remove the kiddy gloves and start playing some major offense against this ungodly stranger things monster we’re facing on a daily basis. Attorney Michael Avanti gets it and, although he has not officially declared his intentions to run for president in 2020, he’s definitely attempting to scare the bejesus out of Trump.

Former Vice President and likely 2020 Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is also refusing to hold back and just took down the Republicans handling of the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations in epic fashion.

What we witnessed yesterday from the Republican Judiciary Committee members was a degree of invective, blind rage and brute partisanship that threatens not only the Senate and the Supreme Court — it threatens the basic faith in fairness and justice that binds this country together, he wrote in a statement. Doctor Blasey Ford gave courageous, credible, and powerful testimony. I believed her. The country believed her, he added.

Biden’s strident criticism comes after Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the first woman to come forward with allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in a profoundly emotional (and credible) fashion.

The fiery former vice president has been cynically used by Republicans, including Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, with regards to his time as Senate Judiciary Committee during the 1991 proceedings to confirm Justice Clarence Thomas. Biden presided over the hearings involving his accuser, Professor Anita Hill. Back in 1991, Biden said that the FBI explicitly did not reach a conclusion. Biden has since expressed great regret over his treatment of Anita Hill, which he more thoroughly explained in a recent interview with Teen Vogue.

I believed Anita Hill. I voted against Clarence Thomas. And I insisted the next election — I campaigned for two women Senators on the condition that if they won they would come on the Judiciary Committee, so there would never be again all men making a judgment on this, Biden said. And my one regret is that I wasn’t able to tone down the attacks on her by some of my Republican friends. I mean, they really went after her. As much as I tried to intervene, I did not have the power to gavel them out of order. I tried to be like a judge and only allow a question that would be relevant to ask.

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Decades later and Biden firmly believes Ford deserves a thorough FBI investigation.

Doctor Blasey Ford deserves an FBI investigation today. The millions of women who have suffered sexual assault and abuse deserve an FBI investigation. The country deserves one. And for its reputation and legitimacy, the Supreme Court needs one too, said Biden

Biden speaks from the heart and doesn’t hold back, which is precisely what the pusillanimous and meek Democratic Party needs.

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