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Joaquin Castro: Laura Ingraham is a White Supremacist

Joaquin Castro: Laura Ingraham is a White Supremacist

A number of Democratic lawmakers have recently visited migrant detention camps across the American Southwest. Joaquin Castro, who represents Texas’ 20th district, made a trip to the Clint Border Patrol Station this week and noted that he was appalled by what he had seen.

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Conservative-leaning commentators have been quick to attack detention center visitors like Castro and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. After Fox News Laura Ingraham chided Castro for his observations of the camp, he brutally rebutted her by calling her out as a white supremacist.

Following his visit to the camps on July 1st, Castro shared a video of the cramped conditions. He tweeted, “This moment captures what it’s like for women in CBP custody to share a cramped cell—some held for 50 days—for them to be denied showers for up to 15 days and life-saving medication. For some, it also means being separated from their children. This is El Paso Border Station #1”

Ingraham quickly responded to Castro’s critique mocking him as overly sensitive. “Similar to Army facilities in Iraq I saw (and used) visiting Camp Victory & Balad,” wrote the conservative commentator. “Think Joaquin Castro needs to spend more time overseas w/ our troops bef he calls this inhumane.”

Castro responded to Ingraham’s message with a brutal take down of his own. “You’re a white supremacist, Laura,” wrote the Congressman. “And, no, I don’t think refugees should be kept in war-zone conditions in the most prosperous nation on earth.”

This isn’t the first time Ingraham has been accused of having racist views. Her brother Curtis tweeted in December, “I state it again, like father like daughter?! How humiliating to hear these echos of our father’s anger and racism broadcast about. Shame on my sister!”


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