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Jimmy Kimmel Writer Tries Sneaky Trick To Get Vaccine Facts To Conservatives

Jimmy Kimmel Writer Tries Sneaky Trick To Get Vaccine Facts To Conservatives

There have been a lot of attempts to get conservatives to hear the facts about vaccines. Not only are they the best preventative measure individuals have against COVID-19, they’re also the best measure for reaching a level of herd immunity that could finally eliminate the virus.

BETHESDA, MD – OCTOBER 03: In this handout provided by The White House, President Donald J. Trump works in the Presidential Suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after testing positive for COVID-19 on October 3, 2020 in Bethesda, Maryland. President Trump’s medical team says the President’s oxygen levels dropped and he took a steroid treatment of dexamethasone. (Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/The White House via Getty Images)

However, vaccine resistance and conspiracy theories have a somewhat viral nature of their own, as evidenced by clips from CPAC showing attendees cheering for the nation’s failure to reach the necessary vaccination levels for protection so far.

Who will conservatives listen to? Even when Donald Trump boasts about the vaccines, taking credit for them, many of his supporters actually get upset at him.

Well, plenty of Trump supporters are already against Fox News, since the network reported on his election loss, but Bess Kalb, a writer for Jummy Kimmel, tried it anyway. She changed her profile header, photo, and bio on Twitter to appear to be Fox News herself.

[BETHESDA, MD – Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/The White House via Getty Images]

As you can see in the screenshot, this appears to be a verified, blue-checkmarked Fox News account, with logos, a set photo, and the name reading Fox News — but check out the Twitter handle — it’s @bessbell.

With these settings, Kalb tweeted, pleading with viewers to get vaccinated, and reminding them that the vaccine is “the only way to win America’s war on COVID.”


She reminded viewers that Trump made the decision to take the vaccine, despite having already suffered the virus, and even played on nationalistic views a little.



Kalb also noted that across the nation, people who are still dying of COVID are those who have not been vaccinated.


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In earlier tweets, Kalb even described it as a way to outwit “the libs” and make Dr. Fauci weep, by getting “a little piece of COVID’s genetic code that teaches your cells how to mimic its spike proteins which triggers antibodies that protect you from COVID” instead of the vaccine. (If you’re reading this before the coffee kicks in, that’s the vaccine she’s talking about.)


When warned that this stunt might cause her to lose her Twitter Verified status, Kalb responded by pointing out the weight of human lives being lost.


A screenshot below shows how the tweets currently look on Twitter, with the Fox News name and logo prominent.

[Screenshot via Bess Kalb/Twitter]
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