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Jimmy Kimmel on Ted Cruz: I Hope He Never Gets to Eat Out Peacefully Ever Again [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel on Ted Cruz: I Hope He Never Gets to Eat Out Peacefully Ever Again [VIDEO]

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Moments after news of the Uvalde massacre in Texas broke, GOP lawmakers and Conservative media leaped to defend guns, even the especially deadly AR-15. No one did it with more zeal and trollful glee than Ted Cruz. The Texas senator, along with Donald Trump, doubled down and kept his speaking arrangement at an NRA event last weekend.

ted cruz says election will be challenged
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While he was in town, Cruz went out to a sushi restaurant where he was confronted about his responsibility in the massacre of children. Discussing the confrontation, Jimmy Kimmel noted that he hopes Cruz can never peacefully eat out in public ever again.

“And speaking of demons, Ted Cruz was on-hand in Houston to spread his slime all over the NRA halls,” the late night host began. “Ted Cruz must know that at this point every busboy spits in his food, right? But maybe that’s what he likes about eating out, I don’t know. But I for one hope Ted Cruz never gets to eat peacefully in a restaurant ever again.”

Kimmel also mocked Cruz’s suggestion of having only one door at schools by suggesting that protestors leave doors n the senator’s yard. “Oh man, I would hate to see that. Imagine if there were so many doors in front of his door that he couldn’t get out the door.”

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