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Jim Jordan’s Claims About Trump & Christmas Are Too Easy To Disprove

Jim Jordan’s Claims About Trump & Christmas Are Too Easy To Disprove

Thanks to difficulties in supply chains during the pandemic, Christmas shoppers are being warned this year that they should do their gift-buying early, because items might be hard to find as the holiday closes in. A handful of Republicans have leapt on this as ‘proof’ that the Trump presidency was better than the current administration — but the false claims are exceptionally transparent.

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Jim Jordan (R-OH) was among those who tried to link President Biden and his administration to the difficulties, tweeting that Christmas gits were never late during Donald Trump’s term. However, perhaps he just wasn’t paying attention, or is suffering from selective memory, because this just isn’t true.

In fact, the Washington Post reported on it last December, when, with days left until Christmas, numerous packages still hadn’t made it to their destinations, and some weren’t expected to do so on time.

“Competing crises are slamming the U.S. Postal Service just days before Christmas, imperiling the delivery of millions of packages…”

The crises that delayed packages at the time included COVID-19, which had quarantined thousands of U.S. Postal Service employees, and the cost-cutting (and mail-slowing) policies implemented by new postmaster Louis DeJoy, who Trump placed over the USPS.

The same difficulties are still ongoing under the Biden Administration, but Twitter users were quick to call Jordan on the pretense that the issues are new and linked to the presidency:

Of course, it’s still October, and there’s time left to buy presents in advance, but it seems that the faux “War on Christmas” is already in full swing in the political arena.

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