Jim Jordan Doesn’t Congresspeople Working From Home, Using the Internet

Most Americans who are used to working in an office have now begun to work from home more often. Many of these workers have found that they are still able to get their work done, while saving the time from their commute and seeing more of their children.

Even Washington’s lawmakers have considered the idea of voting from home and exactly how that would work. Jim Jordan, however, came out furiously against the idea claiming that it would violate the intent of the Constitution’s framers.

The Ohio congressman raved during a rules meeting, “If you can mail in your vote, why would the Constitution say you have to be protected from being arrested coming to vote? You can just mail it in! That makes no sense.

The Trump favorite continued, “All these provisions envision members physically traveling and being present at the seat of federal government to do the business of the American people. But we’re gonna change all that. … The Constitution leaves no room for what we’re trying to do here. It is so wrong.”

Jordan concluded his speech, “This is a dangerous place we’re heading and everybody knows it, but the majority is gonna go ahead and do it. That is what ticks me off. Proxy voting, Zoom, Webex, Houseparty meetings and hearings, quasi-hearings, remote depositions. Remote depositions? The example this sends, the precedent this sets is wrong, and I think even the majority knows it.”

The Ohio congressman may want to talk to Donald Trump about this matter. He will have the chance this weekend as he’ll be among a contingent staying with the President at Camp David.

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