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Jim Jordan Brutally Fact Checked After Tweeting About the Founding Fathers and Lockdowns

Jim Jordan Brutally Fact Checked After Tweeting About the Founding Fathers and Lockdowns

Within the next month, Donald Trump will no longer be president. Americans will still hear from him, surely, but hopefully he won’t be a presence in their everyday lives. The most Trumpian GOP lawmakers, however, will certainly continue to make a mockery of the GOP.

Congressman Jim Jordan – Source: Flickr (gageskidmore)

There’s Louie Gohmert, who is currently suing Mike Pence to overturn the election results. And there’s Matt Gaetz, who is campaigning to be the Attorney General if Trump ever returns to office. And then there is Ohio’s Jim Jordan, who was brutally fact checked on Twitter Tuesday after he claimed the founders would have been against lock-downs.

It is tradition for Republican to invoke the founding fathers whenever they don’t agree with something. So it was no surprise when Jordan tweeted, “60 million Americans are subject to a stay at home order or curfew. 11 million are right here in Ohio. What would the Founders say?”

Dr. Andrew Wehrman, a professor from Central Michigan responded, “In July of 1776 the entire of city of Boston was closed so they could safely inoculate for smallpox. It lasted months and no one could leave once it began. They did it again in 1778. The Founders would be proud that the government was protecting its citizens from disease.”

The professor continued, “Many have asked how this was possible if vaccination was not discovered until 1796. That’s true, but this is inoculation or variolation introduced by Cotton Mather’s African slave Onesimus and first applied broadly in Boston in 1721. It was eventually replaced by vaccination.”


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