JIm Comey: Americans Must Elect Joe Biden in 2024

Donald Trump probably wouldn't have been elected in 2016 if it wasn't for former FBI Director James Comey. Just weeks before Americans voted, Comey held a press conference concerning Hilary Clinton and her emails. Trump then won by small margins in enough swing states to put him over the top. 

Comey then had to work with Trump, but did not last long. The 45th President let the FBI Director go just months into his term. Today, Comey sees Trump as a major threat and explained his concerns to Alex Wagner on Tuesday. 

First, Comey made a plea for Biden, saying, "You cannot sit on the sideline. I don’t care how you feel about Joe Biden you must vote for him. Because the consequences on the other side are too severe."

The former FBI Director then moved onto Trump's New York case, saying: 

"I also have found this trial to be a great civics lesson for the American people. It appears more are paying attention than I would have expected, and they’ve seen this is how it works," Comey said. "You may not lose supporters when you shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue, but you will be held accountable, and this is what accountability looks like. You have to sit at that table, no matter who you are, and shut up."