Jim Carrey’s Latest Masterpiece hits Jeff Flake Hard

Jim Carrey has gone from being one of TV’s greatest comedic geniuses to becoming one of America’s most popular political artists, thanks in part to the Presidency of Donald Trump and the current condition of today’s Republican party.

As Republican Senator Jeff Flake has wavered in his support of Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the latest see-saw drama has seen Senator Flake’s support go back and forth faster than a bullet ricocheting off of two parallel steel walls.

With this said, Jim Carrey just released his latest political artwork featuring none other than Senator Flake, with a headline that reads, “He’s not a hero but he (briefly) played one on TV.”

Carrey also included a link to vote.gov where his followers can register to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

The picture depicts Flake standing in an elevator, last week, while women chastise him for his support of Kavanaugh.  Shortly after his run-in with these passionate women, who were victims of sexual assault themselves, Flake called for a thorough FBI investigation.

Now, with what appears to be anything but a thorough investigation — one which was controlled by the White House who inhibited the FBI from interviewing several key witnesses — all indications point to Jeff Flake voting “YES” to confirm Kavanaugh.

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