Jim Carrey’s 15 Best Donald Trump Masterpieces

In the early 1990s Jim Carrey burst onto the scene with several blockbuster movies, winning him numerous awards.  The list goes on and on, as so do the number of nominations that Carrey has received for his roles in these films.

Over the past several years, Carrey’s movie roles have dropped, but the artist who has been known to make people burst out laughing due to his comedic genius has brought this same talent away from the big screen and to the canvas.

Jim Carrey has become quite a painter and artist.  His drawings and paintings are featured in art galleries around the U.S., as well as on his Twitter account.  Since President Trump was elected, however, Carrey has used his talent and his fame to spread his own opinion of the nation’s 45th President.  He does it through his artwork, and while some criticize him for becoming so political, others have embraced him for standing up for what he truly believes in.

Here are our 15 favorite masterpieces created by Jim Carrey of President Donald Trump:

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