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Jim Carrey “Fixes” the Donald Trump TIME Magazine Cover and it’s Even More Controversial!

Jim Carrey “Fixes” the Donald Trump TIME Magazine Cover and it’s Even More Controversial!

Jim Carrey, a man known for his humor, has suddenly emerged as quite the painter, mostly painting politically charged works of art.  Carrey has taken a keen disinterest in our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, as you can tell by viewing any of his latest masterpieces.

TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine has taken some heat as of late, over their latest cover depicting President Trump staring down, with no sign of empathy, at a little girl who is crying.  The girl, pictured, has become somewhat of an icon for the movement that is trying to stop the current administration from separating families.  The government, however, has said that this little girl was never actually separated from her mother, thus much of the pro-Trump media have become outraged over the use of the photo as a means to attack President Trump on his separation policy.

TIME Magazine has issued a correction, but the cover still remains controversial in the eyes of many on the Right.

Jim Carrey doesn’t care about political controversy.  You can tell simply by viewing any of his latest paintings of President Trump and his administration.  So Carrey decided to take this controversial magazine cover and…. well… make it even more controversial.

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Last night Carrey tweeted, “So I fixed the controversial TIME Magazine cover. This is much more appropriate. You’re welcome @time”

Within his tweet, he posted a photo of his latest work of art, depicting (as seen below) President Trump not only looking down at a sobbing little immigrant girl but actually stomping on her face while doing so.

Jim Carrey’s TIME Magazine Painting – Source: @JimCarrey
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