Jim Acosta: Pence May Need Additional Secret Service Protection From Trump Supporters

When the Access Hollywood tape came out shortly before the 2016 election, Mike Pence reportedly considered leaving the Republican ticket. He, of course, stuck around and became the vice president. And he spent 4 years being a complete sycophant to Donald Trump. It didn’t do his political future much good.

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[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
Pence became an enemy to Trump supporters when he refused to overturn the election for the 45th president. While speaking at a Republican event on Friday, Pence was mocked and taunted with chants of ‘traitor.’ On Friday, Jim Acosta noted that the former vice president may need increased secret service protection.

The CNN anchor made the comments while speaking to Wolf Blitzer. He told the host, “You have to wonder whether or not they’re looking at the security posture for the vice president and deciding that he needs to have round-the-clock security here on out for the foreseeable future. This is the kind of stuff we saw on January 6th.” Acosta continued, “[Pence] needs to be protected… from some of these dark elements in the Republican party.”

During the spot, Acosta also touched on QAnon supporters, saying, “They’re living in a different world. They’re in the Q-niverse, I guess you could call it. Some of these same Republicans were blaming it on Antifa — now they’re blaming it on members of the FBI. You have to wonder who’s next.”



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