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Jim Acosta Confounds NRA Board Member With One Basic Question

Jim Acosta Confounds NRA Board Member With One Basic Question

CNN Newsroom host Jim Acosta clashed with NRA board member Judge Phillip Journey over the proper response to mass shootings like the unspeakable tragedy that unfolded at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas last week.

While some might question the choice to give an NRA board member such a platform, Acosta’s intentions were clear from the outset, as he challenged Journey from his first question. “For years your group has blocked new gun safety laws and pushed for the most relaxed rules on firearms,” said Acosta. “Isn’t some of this blood on the NRA’s hands?”

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Journey objected to the question, saying “I don’t believe the supposition of your question is accurate.” He continued that he was not the official spokesperson but had “followed the issue closely” and claimed that the NRA, other organizations, and he as a Kansas state senator had all “worked to tighten the laws.”

Acosta interrupted Journey’s rhetoric, saying, “I hope you understand I’m going to have to cut you off when you start saying things that just aren’t true,” Acosta interjected. “The NRA has not worked to tighten rules. That’s just not the case. The NRA for years, for decades, has pushed for the most relaxed rules possible in this country, and that’s why we have mass shooting after mass shooting.”

“I’m not the one that pulled the trigger and neither are the members of the National Rifle Association,” Journey weakly rebutted. He brought up the shooting at the grocery store in Buffalo, New York earlier this month, where “the alarms were going off in New York and all the officials did was hit the snooze button,” where the alleged shooter “was a danger to himself or others” and had “already threatened mass shooting prior, and nobody did anything.”

Acosta kept at Journey, asking why they still held their NRA Convention in Houston just days after the Uvalde tragedy.  “Why not cancel the convention out of some measure of decency? Why not have some decency for these kids? They just lost their lives. Couldn’t you postpone the convention, have it some other time?”


Watch Acosta relentlessly hammer the NRA board member, below.

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