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Jim Acosta Blasts Trump as the Love Child of David Duke and Rupert Murdoch

Jim Acosta Blasts Trump as the Love Child of David Duke and Rupert Murdoch

In 2016, more than 20 Republicans ran for the presidential nomination. Donald Trump, though, offered them something different than the others. The businessman was willing to give voice to voters’ racist concerns. And he had no problem making grandiose promises he couldn’t hope to keep.


Trump ended up being a worse president than anyone could ever imagine. He allowed COVID-19 to rage throughout the country by making it a political issue. And his lies about the election resulted in an attack on the United States Capitol. Recapping his efforts, Jim Acosta referred to him as the love child of David Duke and Rupert Murdoch.

The CNN host first said of Ted Cruz, “these instigators will send others into battle. They’ll send our young adults, our teenagers, your teenagers, to do the fighting. Just like what happens in any other war. And for what? Or should I say for whom? The orange-headed love child of Rupert Murdoch and David Duke, who said this to one of his propaganda networks about the anniversary of January 6th?”

Acosta continued by moving on to Trump:

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“He’s sick. That is sick. And his party right now is changing state voting laws and running candidates who peddled the big lie to oversee elections all because of that deranged lunatic. The same party that barely showed up to commemorate the first anniversary of January 6th may win control of Congress this year and begin plotting to install trump as president in 2024. Yes, even if he loses again.”



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