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To Help Trump Win, Pro-Jill Stein Campaigns Were Launched By Russia Right Before 2016 Election

To Help Trump Win, Pro-Jill Stein Campaigns Were Launched By Russia Right Before 2016 Election

Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein didn’t have a chance of winning the 2016 Presidential election but she was able to pull much-needed votes away from Hillary Clinton. Now, it appears that some of those votes may have been gained through help from Russia.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

NBC News reports that the Instagram account @woke_blacks was created with the intention of helping Stein rack up votes that would have likely gone to Hillary.

One of the account’s messages read:

“The excuse that a lost Black vote for Hillary is a Trump win is bs. It could be late, but y’all might want to support Jill Stein instead.”

A Senate report found the account to be fake and led by Russian intelligence.

While much of the attention surrounding Russia’s election interference has focused on leaked information surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and social network psyops campaigns, such as the attacks launched by Cambridge Analytica, the Stein campaign support brings to light just how far-reaching Russia’s successful campaigns were able to spread.

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The Senate report was prepared by a team of cyber security and social media experts and showcases the deep depth Russian agents plunged in order to influence the U.S. election cycle.

The Internet Research Agency, a group led by a close ally of Vladimir Putin, tweeted the phrase “Jill Stein” more than 1,000 times. That’s the same group that launched thousands of fake social media accounts to attack Hillary Clinton while rallying support around Donald Trump.

Despite glaring proof that Russia interfered with the 2016 general elections, there continues to be glaring evidence that the country’s hackers and psyops specialists continue to influence American voters through fake social media accounts that do nothing but spread propaganda.

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