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“Jewish Space Lasers Are Real!” Marjorie Taylor Greene Pushes Antisemitic “Joke”

“Jewish Space Lasers Are Real!” Marjorie Taylor Greene Pushes Antisemitic “Joke”

Marjorie Taylor Greene knows that she gets a lot of mockery for her claim that California wildfires could have been started by space lasers owned by a Jewish banking family. Now, she’s pretending the whole thing is a big joke — but playing it off as a joke doesn’t clear away the stench of antisemitism.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

As NY Mag reports, Greene made the original (apparently serious) claim on Facebook, listing all the things she believed were too meaningful to be coincidence, including that the fires were taking place in the area that a high-speed rail project had been proposed, building a tenuous connection to Rothschild, Inc, and claiming that people had seen “lasers or blue beams of light causing the fires.”

Of course, throwing in the Rothschild name reflects the perpetual antisemitic tropes, but ultimately Greene suggested that a solar generator on a transmitter in space could have been used to send down the “laser beam[s]” that started fires — though wildfires in dry areas are an ongoing problem.

Now, in response to a news piece about Israel creating what they call the Iron Beam, which can use laser technology (from Earth, not space) to shoot down incoming mortars, drones, or rockets, she’s reviving the “Jewish space laser” claim proudly.

Though she frames it as praise of the technology and demands that readers of her tweet “relax and take a joke,” the congresswoman doesn’t seem to mind that her ‘joke’ still relies on antisemitic tropes, or that this kind of rhetoric still promotes hate and distrust, and encourages attacks on Jewish people. Though she’s faced enough public criticism for her antisemitism that she even made a show of visiting the Holocaust Museum in apology, anything she learned there didn’t seem to stick.

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In case Greene unexpectedly develops the self-awareness to delete her nasty tweet, or Twitter does it for her, you can see a screenshot, as well as the tweet she’s responding to, from the Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, below.

[Screenshot via Marjorie Taylor Greene/Twitter]

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