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Jerry Nadler Says He Will End Investigation Into FBI and DOJ In The House Judiciary Committee

Jerry Nadler Says He Will End Investigation Into FBI and DOJ In The House Judiciary Committee

When congress sits for the first time in January, there will be a multitude of changes. One of the major changes will be Jerrold
Nadler taking over as the head of the House Judiciary Committee.

Nadler has already made it known what his first move will be. He plans on ending the congressional investigation into bias in the FBI and Department of Justice.

When asked if he would end the investigation, Nadler said, “Yes, because it is a waste of time to start with. The entire purpose of this investigation is to be a diversion of the real investigation, which is Mueller. There is no evidence of bias at the FBI and this other nonsense they are talking about.”

Under current head of the Judiciary Committee, Bob Goodlatte, the GOP led body has questioned James Comey and Peter Strzok. High profile members such as Trey Gowdy (SC), Jim Jordan (OH) and Mark Meadows(NC) have turned the committees hearings into highly partisan affairs.

The hearings became so controversial that Goodlatte took heat from his own family. Bobby Goodlatte wrote on twitter, “I’m deeply embarrassed that Peter Strzok’s career was ruined by my father’s political grandstanding. That committee hearing was a low point for Congress.”

The GOP is not letting their subpoena power go away lightly. The committee is attempting to question former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch about her alleged bias.

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The committee will also bring in James Comey for one more round of closed door questioning. Comey initially threatened to sue to make the hearings public, saying through his attorney, “Don’t do it in a dark corner and don’t do it in a way where all you do is leak information.”

Comey eventually caved and will submit to non-public questioning. Following James Comey’s questioning, the investigation will soon be shuttered.

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