Jerry Falwell Jr. Shared Pornographic Photos Of Liberty University Students, Says Giancarlo Granda

Jerry Falwell Jr. is a predator, says Giancarlo Granda. Falwell had just come forward to tell the press that his wife had had an affair with the younger man. However, Granda’s version of events differs. He says that Falwell liked to watch Granda with his wife, Becki Falwell, and that he also preyed on Liberty University students, citing as evidence a photo of an LU student “exposing herself” on the Falwell’s farm that he says Granda sent him.

Jerry Falwell is a predator says paramour
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Jerry Falwell Jr., who, until this week, was the head of conservative Christian school Liberty University, says that Giancarlo Granda had an affair with his wife, Becki Falwell, and is attempting extortion now that the affair is over. After Giancarlo came forward to say that the affair was no secret — that Jerry knew of it and liked to watch his wife with the other man — Becki Falwell responded. According to The New York Post, Becki admitted the affair, but said it was brief (Giancarlo says it lasted from 2012 to 2018) and that Jerry didn’t know about it.

Now Granda has released another statement on the matter. In a statement to the press, as shared below by NPR correspondent Sarah McCammon, he says he is in no way profiting by coming forward, and he denies that he initiated the affair.

The truth is they approached me. She invited me to their hotel room. They offered me an equity partnership in a property venture. They brought me on multiple trips and vacations, including to their family farm in Virginia. And as recently as last year participated in video calls where Mrs. Falwell was naked and Jerry was watching.

However, this isn’t the activity that Granda alleges makes Falwell a predator. He has another revelation.

He sent me an image of a female Liberty University student exposing herself at their farm.

Granda says this behavior, from someone responsible for “thousands of vulnerable and impressionable students,” is why he felt the need to come forward. At this point, no students have come forward to corroborate this claim.

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