Jerry Falwell Jr. Faces Investigation After Allegations He Shared Students’ Pornographic Photos

Liberty University will open an investigation into former president Jerry Falwell Jr. after a series of public revelations, including an allegation that he shared a photo of a student “exposing herself” on his personal property. The school hopes to determine whether Falwell’s “lack of spiritual stewardship” affected the school, in what ways and to what degree.

Jerry Falwell Liberty U investigation
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

In a series of back-and-forth revelations last week, Falwell said that his wife had engaged in a brief extramarital affair with a man that they met when he was performing swimming pool maintenance. Then this paramour, Giancarlo Granda, said that in fact, the affair had been years long, and that Jerry was a part of it, and that the Falwells had been the ones to initiate contact. Becki Falwell denied this, saying that the affair was not long and that her husband didn’t know about it. Granda said that not only had Falwell watched his wife engage in sexual activity with the other man, but he had also taken photos of students, in fact sending Granda a photo “of a female Liberty University student exposing herself at [the Falwells’] farm.”

Despite all this, the Wall Street Journal reported that Falwell could be owed as much as $10.5 million in compensation from LU as he left his position after his activities became public.

Now, according to the Associated Press, Liberty University will open an investigation into the former president’s time at the university, determining what impact his indiscretions had over the years.

The investigation is described as a “wide-ranging inquiry that will include financial, real estate and legal matters,” with no mention of any possible indiscretion or misconduct with students, but the university is considering whether certain items in the student code of conduct should also apply to staff, and may add a post to help ensure school leadership “live[s] out the Christian walk expected of each and every one of us at Liberty.”

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