Jenna Ellis Suggests Impeaching Kamala Harris For Past Marijuana Use

Jenna Ellis, one of the attorneys who has defended and fought for Donald Trump, including efforts to overturn his election loss, now says that Vice President Kamala Harris should be impeached for her past use of marijuana.

Marijuana use equals impeachment, says Jenna Ellis
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Ellis tweeted a Fox News Philadelphia article with a headline suggesting that five White House staffers had been fired for using drugs, including marijuana. Notably, past the headline, the content of the story makes clearer that the Biden Administration has actually relaxed regulations on employment of those who have used marijuana, including those who have smoked in the past year.

Ellis suggested in her tweet that an appropriate next step would be to impeach Harris, who has said that she herself smoked in the past.

However, the article quotes Press Secretary Jenn Psaki as saying that there were “additional factors at play” in the small number of firings. Though she doesn’t go into specific detail, the suggestion is that nobody was fired just because they smoked in college — or last week.

Ellis herself, while calling out the Biden Administration regarding these firings about which no real details are available, has not shown herself as a proponent of legalization of marijuana, nor of the free choice to do so. In fact, she tweeted in 2018 to describe increasing legalization (and acceptance of transgender individuals) as a “cultural mandate..asserting that freedom means action [without] moral restraint,” and claiming that conservatives (and the Founding Fathers) intended for freedom to mean “within certain universal moral parameters.”

For privacy reasons, the exact details of the five firings in question will probably never be publicly known. However, as Raw Story reported last week, the White House has stated that no one has been fired for “casual or infrequent” use of marijuana.

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