Jenna Ellis’ Space Force Tweet is a Perfect Example of the Lengths People Will Go to Give Trump Credit [Commentary]

While he is out of office and living a sad life in Florida, Donald Trump’s supporters are still desperate to give him credit for things he didn’t actually accomplish.

Donald Trump angers supporter with conspiracy
[Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images]
The former President is a very small man. And due to his fragile ego, he can never be criticized in any way. Joe Biden is now the commander in chief and is off to a great start. He’s achieving approval ratings that Trump could never dream of. So now Trump’s sycophants are trying to pretend he did positive things while in office.

On Sunday, lawyer Jenna Ellis tweeted, “Aren’t you glad Trump gave us a Space Force?” The tweet was meant to imply that the Space Force has anything to do with protecting America from the Chinese rocket soon to land on Earth’s soil. It, of course, does not.

But that hasn’t stopped any of the former president’s people from giving him a pat on the back. Joe Biden has been able to get millions of vaccines out. The current president walked into a mess made by his predecessor. But according to Fox News, Trump created the COVID vaccines in a lab.

Sean Hannity recently demanded that Biden thank Trump. He remarked, “Joe, you want unity? Why don’t you just thank Donald Trump? You want us all to get along, you say. No Trump, no vaccine, Joe. Stop trying to take credit for something, frankly, you had nothing to do with. Nothing.”

Donald Trump’s bungling of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in thousands of deaths and economic destruction. And credit for that devastation is the only thing he actually deserves.



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