Jen Psaki Wonders if Trump Will Run Out of Money While Fighting Legal Cases

Donald Trump lost big at his most recent trial, and was ordered to pay E. Jean Carroll $83 million. He is fighting several other cases and even if he wins, he is going to be drowining in legal bills. 

While he constantly claims to be worth billions, Trump has far less money. And so far, he has relied heavily on his supporters to handle his legal bills. If that continues to be his strategy, Jen Psaki says, he is liable to run out of money. 

The former White House press secretary and now MSNBC host wrote in a column, "So yes, Trump’s fundraising abilities are impressive. But the legal fees and judgments are really starting to add up — and the trials for his four indictments haven’t even started yet."

The piece continued, "Last month, a Manhattan jury ordered Trump to pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million for defamation. And he is also awaiting New York Judge Arthur Engoron’s verdict in the New York civil fraud case; Attorney General Letitia James has called for a $370 million fine."

Psaki closed, "So whatever his financial circumstances, he is at risk of not having enough liquid assets to cover his legal fees and legal judgments. And relying on his political PACs to constantly bail him out is not a long-term solution."