Jen Psaki Recently Explained What Her Off Camera Relationship With Peter Doocy is Like

Donald Trump had a number of different press secretaries while in office. And Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany all had contentious moments with the press corps.

[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]
Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s press secretary runs things in a much different manner. Unlike Team Trump, she holds nearly daily briefings. And she is much more courteous to reporters.

There is a thing, however, between her and Peter Doocy. Her answers to the Fox reporter often go viral. But Psaki recently explained that her and Doocy have  perfectly cordial relatonship.

Mediate asked Psaki, “So Doocy praised you and the president for being willing to take tough questions, said you run a very low pressure — blood pressure briefing room, and praised your press shot for being responsive. What would you like to say to Peter Doocy?”

The press secretary responded, “You know I would say that people don’t see this every day, but we fully recognize Peter Doocy as — and many reporters, right? They are doing their jobs and working on behalf of the media organizations they represent and asking, sometimes they’re questions that are tough. Sometimes they have a slant to them.”

Psaki continued, “I have also found my engagements with him to be entirely professional. He’s somebody who engages with our staff, obviously, in the briefing room, but also beyond the briefing room as well.”

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