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Jen Psaki Had to Respond to a Ridiculous Question About Polls

Jen Psaki Had to Respond to a Ridiculous Question About Polls

On Friday, Jen Psaki had to shoot down a reporter who asked if the Biden White House was too reliant on their strong polling numbers.

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Joe Biden’s first action as president was to pass a stimulus package that helped countless people and businesses. The bill was overwhelmingly popular with both Republicans and Democrats. Still, not one GOP senator was willing to vote for it.

Now, Joe Biden is working on an infrastructure plan. Like the stimulus bill, the idea is very popular among all types of voters. In it unlikely, though, that any Republican would be willing to vote for its passage.

On Friday, reporter Sebastian Smith asked Psaki if the Biden White House is overly reliant on polling that shows their ideas are very popular. “Isn’t it a little dangerous to be always citing the polls though, as you’re — basically all your credibility rests in the polls,” he asked. The press secretary countered, “Do you not think the American people’s view is important as it relates to what elected officials do on the Hill?

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Psaki then continued:

“There’s been pretty consistent support for infrastructure. And I think it’s an important point. We feel like it’s an important point. Because when we talk about bipartisanship, we’re talking about how we meet the needs of the American people — Republicans, independents, Democrats. Rebuilding bridges is not a Democratic idea. Ensuring kids don’t have access to — have access to clean water is not a Democratic idea. Broadband access probably actually impacts more rural areas that might be leaning more Republican than Democratic, if you look at it — the maps across the country.”

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