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Jeffrey Goldberg Fires Back at Trump: “We’re Not Going to be Intimidated”

Jeffrey Goldberg Fires Back at Trump: “We’re Not Going to be Intimidated”

On Thursday, The Atlantic set the political media world on fire. The periodical published an article about Donald Trump’s comments about the US military. The piece, written by Jeffrey Goldberg, alleged that Trump had referred to war veterans as losers.

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The White House has furiously attempted to refute the article, which has been confirmed by a number of other journalists. On Sunday, Trump went as far as attacking Steve Job’s Widow, Laurene Powell, who owns a piece of the magazine. During an appearance on CNN, Goldberg fired back at Trump, saying he will not be intimidated.

Goldberg told host Brian Stelter:

“The formula is simple. What you do is you have to say ‘Does the public’s right to know or need to know a particular piece of information outweigh the morally complicated and ambiguous qualities of anonymous sourcing?’ Most of us, most of the time, don’t rely on anonymous sourcing for most things because there are difficulties there. But in this climate, with information that we judge the voters to need, we are going to use anonymous sources because we think the public has a right to know, especially when you have four, five or six sources primary sources, corroborating sources, telling you the same thing.”

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The journalist then addressed Trump’s threat to Laurene Powell. He continued, “We are not going to be intimidated by the president of the United States. His intense frustration — which comes out in these outbursts — comes from the fact that unlike dictators in other countries, he cannot shut down media outlets that he doesn’t like. And so, it’s our duty to continue to pursue the truth no matter what he says about us.”

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