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Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Said Trump Campaign Had Reason To Fear Him

Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Said Trump Campaign Had Reason To Fear Him

Jeffrey Epstein died just over two years ago, in a cell as he awaited trial. He stood accused of a massive, elaborate scheme of child sex trafficking, connected to some of the wealthiest and best-known names in politics and business. The world may never know what secrets he took to his grave, but many people will always believe that those secrets are the reason he died, though his death was officially deemed a suicide.

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Associates of Epstein have been subjects of public scrutiny, especially in their reactions to the case. Donald Trump, for instance, drew new speculation when he expressed well wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell, after her arrest on accusations of helping Epstein recruit young girls to perform sex acts on himself and others.

Now a new book by Michael Wolff delves into the connection between Trump and Epstein. Specifically, Steve Bannon — who now faces potential legal action for failing to comply with a subpoena in the matter of the January 6th attack on Congress — is said to have spoken with Epstein, saying that during Trump’s campaign, he had feared Epstein would release information on the then-candidate. Epstein reportedly told Bannon that he was right to worry.

According to Business Insider, Epstein was still counting on secrets he held to be the key to making a deal with prosecutors in his then-upcoming trial.

He also reportedly believed that Donald Trump had ordered his arrest, and that Trump hoped to get Epstein to spill secrets about Bill Clinton, who had flown on Epstein’s jet multiple times and also had longstanding connections to him.

A book excerpt in the Daily Beast tells a story in which Bannon went on to try to help Epstein handle PR related to his charges, suggesting he get a communications team on the matter, or perhaps give an interview addressing some of the allegations, such as the number of victims involved, or the age of the youngest victim, in order to combat the stories being printed based on accounts from the victims themselves.

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“Actually, here is the first question,” said Bannon. “What’s the age of the youngest girl?”
“That would be good,” said Epstein, “because the answer to that question is that there was one girl who was fourteen years old and she told the police she lied about her age. She told everyone she was eighteen because she was afraid she would never be allowed into the house and never be invited back. That’s the only one.”
“That’s the only one who is under the age of eighteen?”
“No, the youngest one . . .”

According to New Jersey Law, one alleged victim says that she was 13 at the time, and that Donald Trump raped her multiple times at Epstein’s parties. She dropped her case in 2016, later saying that she had been threatened and was scared to continue.

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