Watch as Jeff Sessions Disgustingly Jokes About Separating Children at the Border

While most of the focus has been on President Trump over the course of the last three weeks, as Americans fight back against what they believe is an unjust policy of separating children from their parents along our southern border, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was actually the one who announced this policy. Sessions, who hasn’t made a tremendous number of public appearances lately, spoke to a crowd at the Conservative Justice Legal Foundation yesterday in Los Angeles, and had quite a bit to say about this latest controversy.

While one might have expected Sessions to try and deflate and deflect the current turmoil surrounding the administration’s child separation policy, especially given the fact that protests were underway outside the venue, he did the exact opposite.  While speaking about the opponents of this harsh separation policy, Sessions stated:

“These same people live in gated communities — many of them — and are featured at events where you have to have an ID to even come in to hear them speak. They like a little security around themselves. If you try to scale the fence they’d be even too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children.”

The crowd laughed at the last line of that statement, as Sessions himself smiled proudly. The clip of the comments can be seen below:

Within hours of these remarks, a Federal Judge in California ruled that the Trump administration must reunite all children separated from their families within 30 days, and all children under the age of five, within 14 days.

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