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Jeff Jansen Becomes Third ‘Prophet’ to Admit His Predictions Are Bunk

Jeff Jansen Becomes Third ‘Prophet’ to Admit His Predictions Are Bunk

Right-wing pastor and “prophet” Jeff Jansen said over the weekend that former President Donald Trump was secretly inaugurated into a second term on March 4th of this year and revealed that his prophecies are intentionally vague because that is how God operates.


“God has not forgotten. There are many that are still standing on the premise of what’s happening with President Trump. As a matter of fact, I know for a fact that he has already been inaugurated and I guess I can share that. There was a general that was March the 4th of 2021, March the 4th where he was actually sworn in as the 19th president of the new reformed Republic of the United States going back to 1851 when everything was traded away within our nation,” Jansen proclaimed. “Don’t have the time to get into that, but, you know, I do want to say this, because people get so caught up with, ‘oh Jeff, you said by Spring we’d be dancing in the streets.'”

Like many within the white nationalist conspiracy theory bloc, Jansen believes that the United States was dissolved in the 19th Century and that there have only been 18 presidents – rather than 44 – prior to Trump. Subscribers to QAnon often insist that the District of Columbia Organic Act – which was passed in 1871, not 1851 – delegitimized the federal government, and therefore, Trump was consequently the 19th commander in chief instead of the 45th.

There is no truth behind these claims.

“The Organic Act of 1871 did not turn America into a corporation, nor does it change the outcome of the election,” The Dispatch said in a fact-check in January, not that it matters to Jansen or Trump’s seditious followers.

“That’s right I did say by Spring we’d be dancing in the streets. I did say that President Trump would be president and is president but you need to understand something as well. We need to understand that when the word of the Lord comes to a prophet, the prophet speaks the word of the Lord. Things can shift,” Jansen said, but “not the goalposts – people say, ‘well you’re shifting the goalposts,’ – I’m not shifting the goalposts.”

Nearly identical excuses for being laughably wrong have recently been employed by other “prophets” – such as Johnny Enlow and Robin Bullock – who both have admitted that their heavenly “visions” are usually fuzzy and devoid of specific details. In other words, Bullock, Enlow, and Jansen have all confessed to being total frauds.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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