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Jeff Epstein Is Gone But The Investigation Hasn’t Been Forgotten — And His Associates Are Feeling It

Jeff Epstein Is Gone But The Investigation Hasn’t Been Forgotten — And His Associates Are Feeling It

Sometimes the justice system can move with seemingly interminable slowness. It’s especially true from the public view, where not all of the inner workings are visible. However, in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, every now and then a glimmer shines through that makes it clear the investigation is still in motion.

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Epstein died in a prison cell in August of 2019, in what has officially been ruled a suicide, despite wide-ranging public doubts. People feared that the investigation would die along with him, but over the ensuing two years, there have been a handful of relevant developments regarding the child sex ring he’s alleged to have masterminded, and some of the associates who are linked to him.

Most recently, CNN is reporting that Jes Staley, a CEO of Barclays, has resigned his position in response to the investigation. Staley has said he regrets ever having any relationship with Epstein, and that he has realized he didn’t know the man as well as he thought. He says that he hasn’t had contact with Epstein since 2015 (though Epstein’s initial conviction and plea deal were in the previous decade).

He isn’t the first Epstein associate to feel the pinch. The Washington Post reported in 2019 on the resignation of Joi Ito from MIT Media Lab, after associations with the accused sex trafficker surfaced shortly after Epstein’s death A wealthy financier, Epstein had been a donor to numerous projects, but Ito and others had reportedly made efforts to conceal his donations to theirs.

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There was also the resignation of Alex Acosta as Labor Secretary, due to scrutiny of his role in Epstein’s original plea deal, and of course, Ghislaine Maxwell, one of Epstein’s closest associates, who is accused of helping him recruit underage girls, is still awaiting trial.

Overall, while the general public may not see all the evidence that the system is moving, it seems the people connected to Epstein are being made well aware of it.

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