Jeanine Pirro Says Trump’s Presidency is Creating Animal Spirits

There are a number of personalities on the Fox News network that engage in hyperbole when speaking about Donald Trump. But no one gets more excited to talk about the President than former New York Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Gage Skidmore

Over the weekend, Pirro invited Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway onto the show to discuss the economy. While crediting the President with the strong economy, the Fox host claimed that Trump’s term has created “animal spirits.”

Conway told the host, “History will not look kindly on the instigators and the investigators of this and will reward those, beginning with President Trump, who actually showed courage and boldness in transforming our economy and our relationship with the world’s second-largest economy China.”

The adviser continued, “He will not be removed from the office and he will be re-elected to the office. One new regulation in, seven regulations out … we are saving billions of dollars.”

Pirro agreed, saying, “What is amazing about it is the animal spirits that started almost as soon as the president took over and took office.”

This isn’t the first time that the former judge has referenced animal spirits when talking about the President. During an August interview with Dan Bongino, she said, “There is something called animal instinct that kicked in in the economy when the president was elected. Everybody started realizing the economy is going to get better. When people like the New York Times keep talking about recession. Everybody instinctively starts to pull back and [the Times] can almost make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.”


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