Jeanine Pirro Posts a Picture Wearing a Mask. Her Fans Predictably go Nuts.

There is a near consensus among Doctors that wearing masks can help prevent the spread of coronavirus. And after months of dithering, Republicans have recently got on board with mask messaging. Even the most right-wing anchors at Fox News have joined the chorus.

Via Jeanine Pirro Twitter

This includes the controversial and bombastic Jeanine Pirro. The former judge posted a picture wearing a mask while out for the 4th of July holiday. Her fans, not surprisingly, went nuts and accused her of being a sheep.

Pirro posted the picture and simply captioned it, “Wearing my mask out east.”

Her followers quickly reacted with medical advice. User Mojoflo responded, “Take it off please, u r inhaling your own CO2 at 8000ppm within a few minutes. That is toxic. It creates an acidic environment in your body within which errant cell reproduction thrives = viruses, cancer, fungal and bacterial infection. Pneumothorax is also possible.”

Another follower, Who is Jane Galt, responded, “Placating liberals and their hostile sensitivities is what ruined our country for 30-40 years. No thanks, Judge.”

And ToxicLogic felt that the judge was being fooled. They posted, “I’m usually with you, but on this no. You’re being duped. The mask is political, has NOTHING to do with health.”

These are just 3 of the many replies demonizing the host for her message. There were also plenty of responses from cynical Liberals. While they were curious of Pirro’s motivation, they also hoped that maybe this would change the mind of some of her fans.

David Weissman wrote, “Let’s give her credit, she’s wearing a mask, this could inspire others to wear a mask and it could save lives, thank you for wearing a mask.”


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