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Jeanine Pirro has Failed to Pay Back Over $500,000 in Campaign Loans

Jeanine Pirro has Failed to Pay Back Over $500,000 in Campaign Loans

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro may be best known for her fawning coverage of Donald Trump but in 2006, the former judge waged a challenge for Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate seat.

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The campaign challenge did not last long, as Pirro dropped her bid for the Republican nomination after only 4 months. In that time, she amassed almost $600,000 in debt. According t0 the Daily Beast, she has still not repaid that debt 12 years later.

Pirro has been unable to close that campaign since the FEC does not allow campaigns to end until all debts are paid back. The Fox broadcaster has reportedly ignored multiple requests by the body to file financial reports.

The latest request by the FEC, who has sent Pirro 19 letters, was sent just last month. Alternet reports, “Pirro’s campaign was warned in October that it could face fines, audit or other enforcement actions if requested financial information was not filed, as required.”

The true scope of Pirro’s campaign debt is unknown since she has not filed a financial report. The judge did pay back loans that involved her husband’s businesses. The campaign “did pay off campaign treasurer Bruce Bellmare, an attorney at the law offices of Pirro’s husband, and Jeffrey Buley, who ran a consulting firm with Pirro’s husband that was sanctioned in 2008 for failing to file lobbying disclosure paperwork,” the report notes.

Pirro has largely moved on from running for office since the 2006 challenge. She has also turned away from her legal work, becoming one of Fox News’ most prominent hosts.

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President Donald Trump often leans on her for both legal and political advice. Just this week, a report surfaced that Pirro was accused of inflaming Trump was Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

Pirro may eventually leave her job at Fox to enter politics. Donald Trump has reportedly considered her for multiple federal judgeships.

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