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Jeanine Pirro Attacks Joe Biden on Gun Control, Gets Her Facts Wrong

Jeanine Pirro Attacks Joe Biden on Gun Control, Gets Her Facts Wrong

Fox News propagandist “Judge” Jeanine Pirro shouted at President Joe Biden over his latest gun control proposals on her show, Justice With Judge Jeanine, on Saturday.


Pirro was aghast that Biden has taken the reins on the issue of Americans’ access to firearms after the country experienced multiple mass shootings last month.

She accused Biden of attempting to violate the United States Constitution, asserting that the right to bear arms is a universal qualifier for determining how free a society really is.

The majority of civilized nations do not allow their citizens to walk around with weapons of war, unlike the USA.

Pirro also falsely claimed that preventing gun violence does not work, and dredged up the “good guys with guns” trope that conservatives default to when they have no evidence to back up their claims.

“You know, seven years ago said we can’t blame peaceful Muslims for what radical Muslims do any more than we can blame peaceful gun owners for what nut jobs do,” said Pirro. “Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the nation and some of the highest gun crime rates in the nation. What does that tell you, Joe? It tells you gun control’s an illusion.”

Pirro completely missed the point. Most of Chicago’s guns come from states that neighbor Illinois, such as Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, that have lax gun laws.

She then argued that prosecution, not prevention, is how crime stops.

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“The way to combat gun crime is to prosecute the criminal and make sure he learns not to commit the crime again,” Pirro said. “It’s to find out where he got the gun. Was there a straw purchaser involved? Get an informant. Get a warrant. Squeeze people who have information until you move up the chain. This is not rocket science. It’s fundamental law enforcement.”

Owning a gun is a “God-given right,” Pirro bellowed to the president, “and you’ve got nothing to do with it.”

Watch here via Mediaite.

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