Jason Miller, Team Trump Launch “GETTR” Social Media Platform

Let’s see how this Donald Trump social media plan works out. He’s been kicked off Facebook, Twitter and every other tech platform for lying and violating their terms of service. Last month the twice-impeached former president shut down and slinked away from his blog because it attracted no readership.

But it’s a new month and it appears there’s a new Trump-focused platform. It’s called “GETTR” – that’s right, no second “E.” It was quietly launched in mid June but an update attracted enough attention today to get it trending. Or maybe the trending part came about because the platform is being led by former Trump spokesman Jason Miller. More on him later.

GETTR has been downloaded a little over a thousand times from the Apple and Google app stores. The app’s interface looks quite similar to Twitter; users follow each other, like, comment, post video and pictures, etc. The platform advertises its mission statement as “fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies and creating a true marketplace of ideas.”

But clearly that whole “free speech” thing has limits, even on GETTR. Users have the ability to block or mute other users. And the app’s terms of service indicate it reserves the right “in its sole discretion, to reject, delete, move, re-format, remove, or refuse to post” user messages. In other words, Trump’s new social media platform could exercise exactly the same rights, what he and other conservatives have dubbed “cancel culture,” as the mainstream social media platforms.

Then there’s the name of the app, which drew almost immediate Twitter scorn, as you can see below. The most stinging as of this writing were those directed at Miller, who is waging an endless war in court trying to avoid paying support payments to A.J. Delgado for the child he fathered with her while married.

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