Jared Kushner’s Whopper Claims Nation Has Met Milestones Required For Reopening

Jared Kushner spoke Wednesday morning for the Trump administration, in his role as Senior Advisor, to declare that the country has passed the peak of the pandemic and can begin to reopen, actually asserting that the nation has met the necessary milestones. However, the guidelines for reopening, as announced by Trump himself, call for a 14-day decline in cases — and no state has had this yet.

Kushner was interviewed on Fox News Wednesday morning, answering questions about the pandemic and about reopening the economy.

At the 9 minute mark, Kushner is responding to a pair of questions about the national strategy for reopening, and the closure of the Federal pandemic office.

“And again, I think we’re on the other side of the medical aspect of this, and I think that we’ve achieved all the different milestones that are needed.”

While Trump’s son-in-law cites the president’s plan and suggests that it’s time to move forward under the said plan, his claim that the nation has reached necessary goals directly contradicts the guidelines, as presented by Trump earlier this month.

On April 16, Trump announced a phased reopen plan for the nation, as reported by USA Today at the time. The first step, necessary before beginning the first phase, according to this plan, is a 14-day decrease in coronavirus cases. That’s 14 consecutive days in which cases decrease, along with sufficient testing and medical supplies, as the requirement before phase one is supposed to begin.

It hasn’t happened. This milestone has not been achieved, this goalpost has not been reached, and by no definition have we made it to this point.

According to NBC, infection rates continue to rise nationally, though some states have seen a decrease. However, so far, these decreases have been short-term, and no state has reached 14 consecutive days with a decline in cases yet.

Jared Kushner may publicly assert that the milestones laid out by his father-in-law have been achieved and that the nation is ready to move forward, but the statistics clearly show the spread is not contained, and Trump’s specific stated goal of fewer cases for two weeks has demonstrably not been reached.

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