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Jared Kushner’s Russia Connection Could Spell The End For Trump

Jared Kushner’s Russia Connection Could Spell The End For Trump

Photo Credit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kusher and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak attemped to set up a secret and secure back-channel communication link between Trump’s transition team and the Russian government, according to a damning report from The Washington Post.

We were already aware that meetings took place at Trump Towers in early December between Jared Kushner, former disgraced National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn, and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Both Flynn and Kushner failed to disclose that meeting during checks for their high-level national security clearance.

Kislyak reported back to his superiors in Moscow that Kushner was willing to use Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States to setup back-channels. Kisylak immediately turned down the request for fear that it would compromise Russian intelligence-gathering efforts in the United States.

The Trump Administrations Ineptitude When It Comes To U.S. Intelligence Gathering.

What may be most scary is how inept Kushner is at understanding how intelligence gathering works. U.S. intelligence closely monitors foreign diplomats to ensure national security.

Sadly, this is not the first time the Trump administration has been found to be attempting to build back channel communications with the Kremlin.

Former Blackwater CEO and brother to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince, was sent to meet with the Russians in the Seychelles, a meeting arranged by the United Arab Emirates in January. The purpose of that meeting was also to set up a secure communication link between Trump and Moscow.

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Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will likely address these flagrant attempts by the Trump administration to destroy the very fabric of intelligence protections setup by the American government and its very own intelligence gathering agencies.

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