Jared Kushner Isn’t Giving Residents a Break on Rent, but is Asking for Leniency From Lenders

With so many Americans being laid off, many are worried about making their next rent or mortgage payment. And to their credit, a number of landlords and banks have offered leniency to their tenants, letting them pay later.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

That doesn’t mean that every property owner is letting their residents slide on the rent for a few months. Mother Jones recently acquired a letter from Jared Kushner’s property company to it’s customers. The renters were urged to get set up on a new payment portal “asap.”

The letter, sent from Westminster Management, told its residents, “Please all be safe and healthy. We will get through this, it is all just a matter of time.”

At the same time, the note read, “The management company was running on limited resources and that, due to the need to prevent contact between staff and residents, rent-payers could expect fewer services and directed that anything beside emergency maintenance requests should wait “until the situation has improved.”

The new payment system allows residents to pay for their rent with debit and credit cards.

Kushner may not be willing to give his renters a break on rent. But he’s asking for it for himself. The Washington Post’s David Farenthold told Joy Reid on Saturday, “The Kushner Company is asking for leniency from its lenders — there’s a retail space in Times Square that I’ve read they’re having trouble making the payments on. So they’re forcing others to make payments while trying to get out of it themselves.”


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