Jared Kushner Is Breaking With Trump Drama, & Trump Can’t Stand It

Jared Kushner was a close part of Donald Trump’s administration for four years. Now that it’s over, he’s put some distance between himself and the former president. Trump’s inner circle is reporting that he’s utterly furious his son-in-law isn’t supporting him as ardently as he’d like — and he’s starting to shift the blame for his election loss.

Trump blames Kushner
[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

It has been very typical for Trump’s insiders and allies to be open about how exhausting the former president made their work. NBC quoted administration insiders after the January 6th insurrection attempt, with some saying they hoped this was Trump’s ‘last stand’ to fight the election results, and others expressing fear that the then-President would never stop.

Reports say that the drama and Trump fatigue has hit Kushner, too. According to Insider, an unnamed person close to the family said, “Eventually, Trump wears everyone down,” and that the constant drama was getting to Kushner, and another said that Trump’s son-in-law was “checked out of politics.”

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump, Kushner’s wife, is also stepping away to a degree, and has reportedly blamed her dad’s dramatic behavior and encouragement of violence for destroying her opportunity to seek a career in politics of her own.

AlterNet is reporting that Trump isn’t taking this well. In between releasing memos from his “Office of the Former President,” promising to destroy the political careers of all who have opposed him, and playing golf, he’s reportedly expressing utter fury that Kushner could just walk away from him.

Trump has been pointing the finger of blame in various directions since his election loss, and is reportedly now focusing it on Kushner.

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