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Jared Kushner Has His Own Damning Bob Woodward Tapes Too

Jared Kushner Has His Own Damning Bob Woodward Tapes Too

President Donald Trump is not the only confederate in his administration who boasted to Bob Woodward about condemning the American people to suffer by intentionally ignoring the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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CNN on Wednesday released previously unheard recordings of Senior White House Adviser Jared Kushner describing the White House’s real coronavirus strategy – which has been to malign the experts and place the economy over human life.

Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and willing pawn, told Woodward that the pain the country would feel was just too bad.

“The last thing was doing the guidelines, which was interesting, and that in my mind was almost like Trump getting the country back from the doctors, right? In the sense that, what he now did is open up. There were three phases: the panic phase, the pain phase and then the comeback phase,” Kushner said. “That doesn’t mean there’s not a whole lot of pain and won’t be pain for a while. But what that basically does is we’ve put rules to go back to work. Trump is now back in charge, it’s not the doctors. We have a negotiated settlement.”

Kushner referred to Trump’s pandemic advisers as “dangerous people” and “overconfident idiots,” killing all remaining irony left in the world.

“The most dangerous people around the president are overconfident idiots, right? Because that has a way, sometimes, of getting past his defense mechanism, because if you’re overconfident, then sometimes, you know, on a topic where he doesn’t have other people around to kind of validate it, then he can sometimes say, ‘okay, let’s go with that,'” Kushner said. “So that’s kind of… I think if you look at the evolution over time, we’ve gotten rid of a lot of the overconfident idiots, and now he’s got a lot more thoughtful people who kind of know their place and know what to do.”

Kushner also spoke about the how the Republican Party platform exists purely to own the libs and that Trump’s supporters are drawn to the president’s demeanor.

“And so, you know, you look at the Republican Party platform. It’s meant to like, piss people off, basically. More… because it’s done by activists. So you have a disproportionality between what issues people are vocal on, and what the people, the voters, really care about,” said Kushner. “And so what Trump’s been able to do is… I… I say he basically did a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, and I don’t think it’s even so much about the issues. I think it’s about the attitude.”

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