Jared Kushner Buddy Busted for Cyberstalking

In today’s chapter of “only the best people,” Trump family friend Ken Kurson — who Donald Trump had once offered a board position on the National Endowment for the Humanities — was charged in federal court Friday with cyberstalking.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Brooklyn federal court, Kurson, 52, stalked and harassed three victims he apparently held responsible for his divorce. He allegedly wrote negative online reviews of some of his victims and visited their places of work, prosecutors said. He also took photographs of two his victims’ workplaces and inquired about one’s work schedule, creeping out coworkers, prosecutors said.

Kurson is a close friend of presidential adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, which appears to be the reason Kurson was offered the National Endowment board seat to begin with. That’s also the reason the feds busted him. During a routine background check the FBI uncovered a host of harassment allegations against Kurson stemming from his 2015 divorce. He also apparently lied on his FBI background check paperwork, claiming he had never used any false aliases. But when the FBI began digging, they uncovered Kurson’s harassment campaigns using the the pseudonyms  “Jayden Wagner” and “Eddie Train,” according to the complaint.

Ultimately he withdrew from consideration, but apparently the federal probe continued.

The Trump family friend, who now is involved in cryptocurrency, goes way back with Kushner. In 2013, when Kushner owned the weekly newspaper The New York Observer, he appointed Kurson editor in chief. While in that role he helped write a speech for Trump 2016 campaign.

And, because the tale’s already not sordid enough, Kurson also is a longtime associate of Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and helped manage the former New York City mayor’s brief 2008 presidential campaign.

Through his attorney, the Maplewood, N.J., resident denies the charges.

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