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Jared and Ivanka Revised Financial Disclosures Over 10 Times in the Last Month

Jared and Ivanka Revised Financial Disclosures Over 10 Times in the Last Month

Controversy has swirled around Jared Kushner and the validity of his security clearance over the last few months. One of the main issues with Kushner’s clearance is that he constantly revises his financial information.

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A Newsweek story from May of 2018 revealed that Kushner had revised the information at least 40 times at that point. The president’s son-in-law and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, are seemingly at it again. According a new report from CREW, Jared Kusher and Ivanka Trump have revised their financial disclosures 10 times over the last month alone.

The watchdog group says, “Kushner’s submission had to be revised five times, including four separate times this March, while Trump’s required eight updates, including on five occasions in March and once on April 2.”

These revisions are part of a continuous pattern for Kushner. Jordan Libowitz from CREW says, “It’s mind-boggling how someone can have that many errors and that many amendments and keep their job. If anything, one or two amendments, but we’re at 40 at this point. If he were not married to the president’s daughter, it would be shocking that he still is a presidential adviser.”

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As people heavily involved in business, Kusher and Ivanka were always going to have a more thorough financial disclosure process. The sheer volume of revisions, however, might encourage lawmakers to take a closer look.

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