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January 6th Committee Receives Trump Phone Logs — But There’s A Strange Gap During The Capitol Attack

January 6th Committee Receives Trump Phone Logs — But There’s A Strange Gap During The Capitol Attack

The January 6th Committee has been fighting to get all the relevant records from Insurrection Day, and it has clearly been quite a battle, with Donald Trump’s allies claiming attorney-client privilege over some documents, Trump himself transporting others to Mar-a-Lago, and people close to the president refusing to comply with subpoena’s. However, even as the Committee is able to collect documentation, there are some issues.

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The Committee has already noted that some documents they received from the National Archives were damaged — torn and taped back together, or crumpled. Now, a very important document in the case seems to be incomplete.

According to the Washington Post, a phone log turned over to the January 6th Committee shows a gap of over 7 hours — from just after 11am until almost 7pm — with no phone calls. This would suggest that from the time that the then-President gave his speech rallying his supporters to march to the Capitol, until hours after his statement calling for the attackers to leave, he took and made no phone calls whatsoever.

However, it’s already public knowledge that there were phone calls during that period — in particular, there was, as CNNbegged Trump to call off the attackers.

However, the January 6th Committee wants to know what other calls might be missing from the log, which mentions a 11:06am call to Senator David Perdue, then skips to a 6:54pm call to the White House switchboard for a connection with Dan Scavino. A separate log, titled “The Daily Diary of President Donald J. Trump” offers additional evidence that there is missing information in the call log — it cites a 11:17am call to an “unidentified person,” before Trump stepped on stage at his rally.

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NPR‘s timeline of the attack shows that it was at about 1:30pm when the mob began to overwhelm police, 4:17pm when Trump finally tweeted a video asking his supporters to leave, and around 6pm when police began to get the mob under control and secure the Capitol.

Trump’s call log gap covers the entire time that his supporters were marching to the Capitol, breaching the barriers, and carrying out destruction and violence — only resuming nearly an hour after they were removed. It’s not clear whether missing calls may have been made on disposable phones, or on phones borrowed from aides, or kept off the logs by other means.

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