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January 6th Committee Received Documents Trump Apparently Tried To Destroy

January 6th Committee Received Documents Trump Apparently Tried To Destroy

It’s a documented fact that Donald Trump has made efforts to keep documents out of the hands of the January 6th Committee. Some of what they’ve received reportedly looks like he tried to destroy it before it got to them.

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Donald Trump fought all the way to the Supreme Court to keep the National Archives from turning over documents — Presidential diaries, White House visitor logs, drafts of speeches, and more — to the January 6th Committee. Ultimately, he failed, with the court ruling that a former president just didn’t have the power to unilaterally withhold access to documents created during his term.

Now those documents are in the hands of the January 6th Committee, or at least some of them — and some of them look like someone tried to destroy them. According to the Washington Post, three separate sources who have knowledge of the documents say that some look like they were torn to pieces — perhaps in a fit of rage, or deliberately to destroy, or for some other unknown reason — and the shreds were taped back together.

It’s not unheard of for Trump to destroy records — Time discussed in 2018 that he was likely breaking the law by routinely tearing pieces of paper, official documents, to shreds, thanks to the Presidential Records Act, which requires presidents “retain all documentary material, including paper documents, audiotapes, video, and more, transferring them to the National Archives.

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Fortunately (maybe?), Trump had a team that was devoted to protecting him from legal repercussions, and as a result, they would gather the shreds and hand them off to be carefully reassembled and taped back together, presumably by the person in record management who had the best jigsaw puzzle skills.

Still,there’s no report that any of the documents are missing, at this point, just that they’re shredded and reassembled — so presumably the January 6th Committee can still get what they need from them.

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