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Jan 6 Organizer Calls On Ashli Babbitt Stans To March On State Capitols

Jan 6 Organizer Calls On Ashli Babbitt Stans To March On State Capitols

The Capitol Police Officer who was forced to shoot Ashli Babbitt to protect the Capitol and legislators from her and the mob behind her has come forward and identified himself, after months of calls by insurrectionist apologists for him to face murder charges. Now that he’s on the public record, and cleared of any wrongdoing, ideologues obsessed with making Babbitt a martyr are pushing for further action.

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Amy Kremer, co-founder of Women for America First, and one organizer of the January 6th rallies that led to riots and a failed insurrection attempt, says that the appropriate response at this point should be another march on Washington, but that she’s not advising that, because (she claims) more lives would be lost, for which she blames House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Instead, she’s advising her followers to organize their own individual marches — on state Capitols.

In a series of tweets Thursday night into Friday morning, she reiterated long attempts to exonerate Babbitt, who was shot while climbing through a window into a room near where Congress was sheltering. She pushed the narrative that Babbitt was an innocent, harmless, honorable guest, falsely insinuating that Babbitt and others had a right to be inside the Capitol Building, and forbidding anyone to call Babbitt a ‘traitor’ or ‘terrorist’ for breaking into a building and attempting to overthrow the government.

Along with her proposal of marches on state Capitols, she pushed the unsupported but popular narrative that Trump supporters were ‘infiltrated’ by leftists, the FBI, antifa, or some other entity who wanted to frame them for the Capitol attack, saying that any further marches on Washington would be similarly colored by violence and death.

Notably, while Kremer is currently upset over a Capitol Officer speaking candidly about his job of protecting the Capitol, her organization released a statement on January 6th, condemning the violence, and expressing support for police.

We unequivocally denounce violence of any type and under any circumstances. We are saddened and disappointed at the violence that erupted on Capitol Hill, instigated by a handful of bad actors, that transpired after the rally.

Unfortunately, for months the left and the mainstream media told the American people that violence was an acceptable political tool. They were wrong. It is not.

We stand by and strongly support the men and women of the Capitol Hill police and law enforcement in general and our organization played absolutely no role in the unfortunate events that transpired.

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