James Comey Wants Donald Trump to Go to Jail

Former FBI Director James Comey believes that President Donald Trump should go to prison for crimes he committed before and during his time and office, but that incoming President Joe Biden should not waste precious time chasing Trump to the ends of the Earth to do so.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

“I obviously think he belongs in jail, but I don’t think pursuing that is in the best interests of the entire nation, so I think the wiser decision would be not to pursue him, but whatever you do, the next President Joe Biden should explain it to the American people,” Comey said in an interview with BBC Newsnight.

Comey urged the Biden Administration to “be transparent about why you’re doing what you’re doing” if it chooses to hold Trump accountable.

When asked if Biden should pull a Gerald Ford and absolve Trump of his sins (at the federal level, at least), Comey said that Biden should “at least consider it,” because Trump’s pride may prevent him from accepting it anyway.

“I don’t know, he should at least consider it,” replied. “Donald Trump, he’s not a genius, but he might figure out that if he accepts a pardon, that’s an admission of guilt, the United States Supreme Court has said, so I don’t know that he would accept a pardon.” 

As well, presidential pardons do not offer protection from prosecution for state crimes. Scores of indictments are expected to drop in Trump’s lap the second his term ends, particularly in New York, where the Trump Organization is headquartered.

Comey added that the harshest punishment for Trump, whose desideratum for attention and yen for validation defines his id, is for everyone to completely ignore him – forever – and that he should go to prison.

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