Jake Tapper: The GOP House Revels in Doing Nothing to Help the Country [VIDEO]

Republicans took control of the House of Representatives early in 2023 and have been the face of dysfunction since then. After Kevin McCarthy was bounced from his position of Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson took the job and has amazingly been even less effective than McCarthy. 

The topic of the GOP's failure came up last night when Seth Meyers was talking to Jake Tapper on Late Night. And Jake Tapper had an interesting opinion about how Republicans are handling being in control of something. 

Meyers told the political commentator how he feels about the GOP's actions, " It feels like this is 100 percent the plan."

Tapper then weighed in, "They really do seem to enjoy it. Yeah. You know, there was the whole thing that happened with the foreign aid bill, where the Senate Republicans demanded they add border measures to it. So these three senators worked really hard to come up with a compromise bill."

The CNN host continued by saying, "And then they said 'no.' And then the people in the House of Representatives said… '[W]e will only pass this if it has the border security measures.' And the people that had worked on it said, 'Yes, but you said no.' Anyway, it’s just a chaotic situation. It’s not fun to explain it. It’s actually confusing."