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Jake Tapper Demolishes GOP’s ‘Unprofessional, Desperate’ Capitulation to Donald Trump’s ‘Unhinged, Mendacious’ Conspiracy Theories

Jake Tapper Demolishes GOP’s ‘Unprofessional, Desperate’ Capitulation to Donald Trump’s ‘Unhinged, Mendacious’ Conspiracy Theories

CNN’s Jake Tapper blasted the Republican Party’s cultish submission to President Donald Trump’s bogus conspiracy theories about voter fraud in an on-air monologue Sunday night.

Trump, having lost the election to President-Elect Joe Biden in the Electoral College and the national popular vote, is hedging his political future on a blizzard of frivolous lawsuits alleging that there was widespread voter fraud in several key swing states. But Trump’s strategy lacks one essential component – evidence.

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“There is a lot of deference being given by Republicans in Washington, D.C. to the Trump campaign’s legal efforts. So let’s take a look at them because while the president can lie on Twitter, judges need facts. They need evidence,” Tapper said.

The only basis for the legal battle being waged by Trump and the GOP is whatever Trump decides to tweet.

“Trump claimed, for example, that Republican election observers were banned from being present in the Philadelphia Convention Center for vote counting,” said Tapper.  “That’s a lie. The issue was whether the observers could stand 6 feet or 20 feet away, not whether or not there were Trump campaign observers there. There were.”

A judge in Pennsylvania noted this during a hearing after the state was called for Biden.

“In court, Judge Paul Diamond, an appointee of President George W. Bush, ended up pressing the Trump campaign lawyer Jerome Marcus, quote, ‘Are your observers in the counting room?’ the judge asked. Marcus admitted, ‘There’s a non-zero number of people in the room.’ Ah (ph), yes, a non-zero number,” quipped Tapper. “‘I am asking you as a member of the bar of this court,’ the judge said, ‘are people representing the plaintiffs,’ the Trump campaign, ‘in the room?’ Admitted the Trump lawyer, ‘Yes.'”

The judge asked Trump’s legal team, “then what’s the problem?” to which they had no credible response.

“This kind of thing has been playing out all over the country where the standards of evidence are a little bit higher than they are on social media,” Tapper said.

Team Trump is pulling those sorts of shenanigans in other battleground states that Biden won.

“In Georgia, the Trump campaign alleged that proper chain of custody was not maintained for 56 ballots. Fifty-six ballots in a state that president-elect Biden won by more than 14,000 votes. But 56 ballots during the canvassing process. The judge looked into that, found that the claim was unsupported. Case dismissed,” Tapper explained. “All over the country it’s been like this. In Wisconsin, Trump allied lawyers contesting a Biden win tried to stop the certification of votes claiming they could prove fraud. OK. Where is the proof? The lawyer said, quote, ‘evidence will be shortly forthcoming.’ In other words, we don’t have any evidence.”

Trump’s lawsuits are also aimed at stopping legally cast ballots from being counted in states like Michigan, which Trump carried in 2016.

“Same basic thing in Michigan where Trump lawyers tried to stop the counting of the vote based on what Michigan Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stephens called, quote, ‘inadmissible hearsay within hearsay.’ It’s been, frankly, embarrassing. No evidence, unprofessional, desperate,” said Tapper.

The final weeks of Trump’s presidency, it seems, will contain a last-ditch assault on truth itself.

“Increasingly Trump campaign lawyers seem to realize being involved in fact-free desperation efforts to overturn the results of a free and fair election might not necessarily enhance their resumes,” said Tapper.

In fact, Trump’s legal arguments are so nutty that some of his lawyers have simply given up.

“The Trump legal team in Arizona, and trust me, you do not even want to know about the crazy Sharpie nonsense they were pushing there, that legal team has folded up their tent,” Tapper said. “Other law firms have withdrawn their representation from the Trump campaign. On Friday, nine cases from Trump and his allies intended to attack an undue President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory in key states. Nine cases were rejected or dropped. Nine.”

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For Tapper, Trump’s games are getting old:

So what now? Well, now the President of the United States is literally embracing a deranged conspiracy theory that millions of votes were changed using software. The problem here, a group of national, state, and private election officials issued a statement Thursday which was promoted online by the cybersecurity czar at the Department of Homeland Security with this sentence bolded, ‘There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised,’ unquote.

Trump and the GOP have nothing:

The problem with Republican officeholders arguing that President Trump has the right to present his evidence in court is that the president’s efforts do not have anything to do with evidence. They have to do with hearsay and rumor and insinuations and lies and conspiracy theories. And once these efforts have been rejected by every court, outgoing President Trump will likely continue to make them.

Tapper walloped the audacity of Trump and the Republicans one last time:

How long is the Republican Party going to continue to defer to unhinged mendacious desperation, led by the gang that couldn’t sue straight?

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

Sixty-five days until the inauguration.

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