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Jake Tapper Crowned ‘King of Truth’ by Esquire Magazine

Jake Tapper Crowned ‘King of Truth’ by Esquire Magazine

CNN’s Jake Tapper has been crowned the “King of Truth” by Esquire in its best of 2020 year-end special feature.

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The publication saluted Tapper for his poignant fact-checking of President Donald Trump as well as his coverage of the 2020 presidential election:

In the time between America voting in the 2020 presidential election and the results being known (which, in true 2020 fashion, went on forever) people around the world watching CNN were calmed by the steady voice and fine jaw of one Jake Tapper. As one of several of the network’s reporters who gave literal meaning to the job of ‘anchor’ during a truly weird week, Tapper kept those nervously watching in Pennsylvania or Paris, LA or London, grounded and sane. In the days following the result, Tapper and his co-hosts alternated between snatches of sleep and holding the Trump administration’s feet to the fire by showing the receipts against every wild claim being made. Undoubtedly the humble JT would want this award given instead to Gritty: the Philadelphia Flyer’s chaotic orange mascot from his home city who danced in the streets when the news broke of Donald Trump’s defeat.

But Tapper is not the only politically-connected individual who gets to use their bragging rights.

To Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, Esquire bestowed its “King of the Hill” trophy for making history as the first Black/South Asian/Woman to be on a winning presidential ticket:

In the blurry days after election week 2020, an emoji summary of the Vice Presidents of the United States of America made the rounds. There have been many ‘history-making’ moments in politics in recent years, but it takes seeing a cartoon line-up of 48 men, all white bar one exception in 1929, followed by one smiling Black woman to realise the weight of history that Kamala Harris had overcome in becoming the first woman in the White House.

And for taking down Trump, fighting against forces of hate, and “standing up for science”:

Harris shared a video from the moment she received the news that she and Joe Biden had won the presidency. Out for a run and sporting a dazed smile she said, ‘we did it Joe’. There are so many things that ‘it’ could refer to: defeating a tangerine toddler in the Oval Office, rejecting white supremacy and standing up for science. But for so many watching, it felt personal to see a woman get the job she deserved over the man she had to remind not to speak over her. That she was able to accept the job in her running kit, and not a sexy-but-not-too-sexy, powerful-but-not-too-powerful outfit made it better still. Harris’ victory is especially symbolic in a year where Black women in swing states across the country came out to save the Democratic Party. Her victory is their victory.

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Esquire also blessed the fly that alighted on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the veep debate with its coveted “King of the Skies” award, which was accompanied by a sonnet:

Oh, winged cherub. Oh, Schizophora of great levity and wit! When the earth had been made low and darkness hung overhanging on every escarpment, thou ascended on high to Pence’s bonce. Thine gossamer limbs carried you aloft to the pallid, snow-driven peak of the swamp, whereon you languished in thine exertion and let our hungry eyes feast on the nourishing milk of your triumph. You lingered in the heat and sweat of the turgid thatch, sated thyself on whatever morsels of ‘druff drifted in the thick cranial air. Oh many-eyed angel! Rub thy creepy barbed limbs in pride! What hope you sprouted in the arid garden of our political minds, what glee you stirred in us, what fervour your sent drenching through the dust of the internet. Now you are away, perchance ne’er to grace our peepers again, but you shall buzz long in our peripheral. God speed!

Congratulations to all the winners.

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