Jaime Raskin Brutally Takes Down GOP Rep. James Comer During Wednesday Hearing

Dem. Rep. Jamie Raskin got the better of Republican James Comer during a back-and-forth hearing on Wednesday. 

Jaime Raskin hasn't been a Congressman very long, he first took office in 2017. But Raskin has been an important member of the party; he was heavily involved in the Donald Trump impeachment and is now the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee. 

James Comer, the current Chair of the House Oversight Committee complained about how the government was being used to punish Donald Trump. Raskin took issue with those comments, remarking

"Well, what is the proof of that? I just need you to name cases where the Department of Justice is going after Democrats. And, I mean, that’s a very serious slur against the Department of Justice and the attorney general."

Comer responded, "I stand by that."

"You stand by your slur, then," Raskin asked his fellow Congressperson.  "Well, I would love us to have a complete hearing then on whether or not it’s true, because I think it’s wrong. And in fact, really it’s just setting the stage for Donald Trump to try to use the Department of Justice as an instrument of persecution against his political opponents, real or imagined."